CCPG - Conceptual Planning Work Group

The CCPG Conceptual Work Group is a team of Transmission planners from transmission provider utilities as well as interested stakeholders and the Colorado PUC staff working on a 20-year conceptual plan (2030).

The group will be evaluating several scenarios for the 20-year period including public policy issues, Renewable Energy Portfolios and import/export strategies.


Conceptual Planning Work Group Co-Chairs

Co-Chair: Thien X Nguyen, Xcel Energy
Co-Chair: Inez Dominguez, Colorado PUC


CCPG Subcommittees, Work Groups, Task Forces and Projects



3627 Subcommittee
DEEP Subcommittee
Foothills Subcommittee
Northeast Colorado Subcommittee
San Luis Valley Subcommittee
Southeast Wyoming
Western Slope
WY/SD Common Use  


Work Groups

Base Case Coordination
Conceptual Planning
Short Circuit Data Base
TPL Studies
Voltage Coordination


Task Forces

Rush Creek

Colorado Planning

Rule 3627
Senate Bill 100 Colorado


Lamar – Front Range
Weld County Expansion



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