Planning Management Committee and Subcommittees

The Planning Management Committee (PMC) has overall responsibility for all WestConnect regional planning activities conducted in compliance with FERC Order No. 1000. Entities can become a member of the PMC by executing the WestConnect Planning Participation Agreement.

The primary function of the PMC is to manage the regional planning process, including approval of the Regional Plan after reviewing and considering the work product and recommendations of the Planning Subcommittee and the Cost Allocation Subcommittee. All regional planning process activities are conducted under the direction of the PMC by its subcommittees, and with input from WestConnect Transmission Owners, Subregional Planning Groups, and stakeholders
There are five PMC member sectors including:

  • Transmission Owners with Load Serving Obligations (TOLSO):
    • Enrolled Transmission Owner (ETO): A Member that enrolls in the TOLSO Member Sector for purposes of Cost Allocation pursuant to FERC Order No. 1000 et seq., and
    • Coordinating Transmission Owner (CTO): A Member that joins the TOLSO Member Sector without enrolling for FERC Order No. 1000 Cost Allocation purposes.
  • Transmission Customers
  • Independent Transmission Developers or Owners
  • State Regulatory Commissions
  • Key Interest Groups

A listing of PMC members is provided under the Key Links to the right. More information regarding the PMC’s subcommittees can be found by accessing the links embedded in the committee tree below.


Committee Organization

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