Transmission Plan Project List

The purpose of the WestConnect Transmission Plan Project List Workbook (TPPL Workbook) is to facilitate the collection of and updates to transmission related projects which informs the development of the Base Transmission Plan in each WestConnect biennial regional transmission planning cycle. Refer to the WestConnect Order 1000 Business Practice Manual as well as the latest WestConnect Regional Study Plan for more information regarding the latest Base Transmission Plan.
Energy Strategies is currently responsible for promptly updating the TPPL Workbook when notified and maintaining the “master” TPPL Workbook on the WestConnect website.

The WestConnect TPPL Workbook is available to WestConnect Users behind a secured site, requiring a username (i.e., e-mail address) and password. Users requesting access must be an authorized employee or representative of a Sponsor, which is an entity – typically a transmission owner or developer – that has identified a need for a transmission-related project within the WestConnect footprint.

Below is the process for requesting and receiving access to TPPL Documents:

  1. 1.  A User can request access by clicking on the “Request a Log In” link.
  2. 2.  Energy Strategies will verify that the requestor is an authorized representative of a
  3.       Sponsor.

a. If WestConnect staff and Energy Strategies accept the new requestor’s credentials,
     then the information will be forwarded to the website administrator to create a user
     account. The User will receive a notification email containing a password that 
     indicates they now have permission to access the secure area containing the TPPL

b. If the User can’t be verified as an authorized representative of a Sponsor, then the
     request for a username and password will be denied.

3.  After the User receives a password, the User can login and have access to the 
    TPPL documents.