Stakeholder Comments

The WestConnect Regional Planning Process is conducted in an open and transparent manner to attain objective analysis and comprehensive results. WestConnect invites and encourages interested parties or entities to participate in and provide input to the regional transmission planning process at all planning process committee levels.

All WestConnect planning meetings are open and transparent to all stakeholders except for closed sessions. Further, stakeholders are invited to provide input throughout the WestConnect planning process including, but not limited to, providing input to development of the Study Plan, providing comments on the Regional Plan, evaluation of alternative transmission solutions, and evaluation of public policy requirements.

Comments may be made directly in response to draft reports issued during the planning process, or may be submitted at any time as comments or observations on the current planning cycle.




Open Stakeholder Comment Window

The comment window for WestConnect's Draft 2018-19 Regional Transmission Needs Assessment Report is now open. It will remain open through March 11, 2019.

If you wish to provide comments, please use this comment form and submit them to Keegan Moyer, Tom Green, Roy Gearhart and Gary Simonson by March 11, 2019.

The Planning Management Committee plans to review and consider stakeholder comments at its March meeting prior to finalizing the report.


    General Planning Process Comments

     Submitter Date Comments Reponse
     ITDO Member Sector 06/01/2018       

    Stakeholder Comments - 2018-19 Planning Cycle

     Submitter Date Comments Reponse
      ITC 12/01/2018