Regional Planning Calendar:


  • Due to inadvertent oversight, the application submittal window for transmission developers seeking eligibility for potential designation as the entity eligible to use the regional cost allocation for a transmission project selected in the Regional Plan for purposes of cost allocation was not posted on WestConnect's website or noticed via email. In previous cycles, this submittal window for new applicants has run from March 1 through March 31. Transmission developers that believe they meet the applicable criteria and would like to seek eligibility for this planning cycle should contact WestConnect at by April 19th to indicate if they would like an opportunity to submit a new application for this planning cycle. A timeline for submittals will then be subsequently identified.

  • On March 20th the PMC approved the 2024-25 WestConnect Regional Study Plan (.pdf).  WestConnect will now begin model development efforts.  More information regarding the 2024-25 Regional Planning Cycle can be found here.