Regional Planning Calendar:


  • On January 18th the WestConnect PMC approved the 2022-23 Regional Needs Assessment Report

  • On January 3rd the WestConnect Planning Management Committee (PMC) issued a Request for Information, Expressions of Interest and Statement of Qualifications (RFI) regarding the WestConnect Regional Planning Process.   WestConnect Regional Planning Parties are seeking comments for enhancing the current Regional Planning process as it is currently defined in WestConnect member FERC approved tariffs. 

    WestConnect Regional Planning Parties are further interested in understanding the technical feasibility and timing considerations associated with implementing a long-term transmission planning process (i.e., with a planning horizon of 20 or more years) that can operate in conjunction with the existing WestConnect Regional Planning process.

    WestConnect Regional Planning Parties are also interested in gathering expressions of interest to perform its existing Regional Planning activities as well as possible long-term planning activities, and a statement of qualifications from those Responders to the RFI that indicate such an interest.

    The full RFI can be accessed here.  The submission deadline for this RFI is Friday, February 3rd.  Written questions are due by Tuesday, January 17th.  A webinar will be offered on Thursday, January 12th from 12pm-1pm PST/ 1pm-2pm MST to address questions potential RFI respondents may have on the information requested in the RFI.  A brief overview of the WestConnect Regional Planning Process will also be provided.

  • On December 15th the WestConnect PMC approved the 2022-23 Model Development Report .

  • On December 15th the WestConnect PMC approved the conclusion that no regional transmission needs are identified in the 2022-23 Regional Transmission Needs Assessment. As such, a regional project submittal window will not open for this planning cycle.