CCPG - Long Range (10 Year) Planning Work Group (LRPG)

The Long-Range Planning Group (LRPG) was initiated in January 2004 as a sub-committee of the Colorado Coordinated Planning Group (CCPG).

The purpose is to facilitate open discussion and joint planning efforts for the transmission in the Rocky Mountain Region (primarily Colorado and Wyoming) and to provide a forum for electric load-serving entities (LSE’s) in the State of Colorado to jointly explore the potential for the development of a coordinated transmission network.


LRPG Chair

Chair: Tom Green, Xcel Energy


CCPG Subcommittees, Work Groups, Task Forces and Projects



3627 Compliance Subcommittee
DEEP Subcommittee
Foothills Subcommittee
Northeast Colorado Subcommittee
San Luis Valley Subcommittee
Southeast Wyoming
Western Slope
WY/SD Common Use  


Work Groups

Base Case Coordination
Conceptual Planning
Short Circuit Data Base
TPL Studies
Voltage Coordination


Task Forces

Colorado Energy Plan
Lamar – Front Range
Rush Creek

Colorado Planning

Rule 3627
Senate Bill 100 Colorado


Lamar – Front Range - 2013
Weld County Expansion



LRPG Calendar Events
No Meetings Scheduled


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